TM (Translation Memory)

The translation memory stores the sentences, paragraphs, and segments of a text between source and target languages that have been translated before. As your content is being worked on by our proofreaders, the translation memory will be updated. Let’s say we completed a project that you submitted a week ago and you notice you need to add a few more additions to the source text. Simply upload the recent version to get a quote and you’ll notice that our system excluded the pricing for all the previous translations we delivered. Over time, as more and more translations contribute to the translation memory, translations become more efficient, consistent, and cheaper.

With the advantage of the corporate accounts feature, your translation memory is shared among your users. Also, at the top of your dashboard, you can check how much you have saved thanks to the translation memory and repetitions.

If you already have a translation memory, you can just inform our team and we can implement it to your account. You can always download your translation memory for each language pair whenever you want.