Google Tag Manager

You can embed MotaWord Active on your websites without going to your developers. All you need to do is to put your Active script as a Custom HTML tag on Tag Manager and publish that for every page view.

1. Add a new tag for MotaWord Active:


2. Search and select "Custom HTML" for tag type.


3. Paste your MotaWord Active script in the HTML field of your new tag.

Google Tag Manager only accepts a narrow version of Active script. You can copy the script from your MotaWord dashboard and remove all <link> tags, as well as referrerpolicy attributes. Your minimal script for Google Tag Manager should look like below.

Configure these options in the Tag window:

  1. "Support document.write" should be checked
  2. Tag firing priority can be as high as you can
  3. Tag firing options should be "once per page"


Advanced Active script with Google Tag Manager

GTM unfortunately only supports a subset of Active features due to its own limitations. This may impact Active's performance and the health of your overall website localization/translation.

For production, we recommend adding the full Active script from your MotaWord dashboard on your website manually, without using GTM. Got questions? Chat with us on our website.