Active Serve

MotaWord Active comes with an ecosystem that enables seamless localization of websites, with maximum performance and SEO compatibility.

Active Serve is an integral part of our promise for performance and SEO.


Active JS already supports Google Search which covers 70% of the search market. When you want to achieve 100% SEO compatibility for your localized website, that's where Active Serve comes into play.

By serving the search bot requests to your site, Active Serve achieves perfect SEO compatibility for your localized website. No matter which backend you use, simply use one of our drop-in plugins to forward SEO requests to Active Serve.

We make sure to serve your search bot requests very fast (at or under 150 ms in most cases) and always serve the latest version of your site in any locale.


Active Serve is a smart supervisor of MotaWord Active ecosystem. It prepares, caches and always keeps the up to date copy of your translations to be used for translation immediately via Active JS.

It not only improves the localized visit of your users, but also makes Active configuration more convenient for you. By using Serve, you can use MotaWord dashboard to fully configure your Active system without changing any code on your website.

How to use


Advanced usage

This level of integration is typically for advanced users with specific backend and SEO requirements. The implementation of Active Serve layer integration depends on your backend and we are more than happy to assist in the implementation! Feel free to chat with us on our website.

First, simply embed the script given to you on your MotaWord dashboard, it has a domain and looks like this:

Second and last, in your backend system, forward incoming HTTP GET requests to Active Serve, like this:

That's it. Active Serve will handle everything else for you.