Localizing your software

Translate language resource files of your software...


MotaWord Active: Recommended website localization method

Are you localizing a web software? Take a look at MotaWord Active. That is our primary, recommended method to localize your website.

MotaWord handles all kinds of programmatic files to ease localization of your software projects.

If you are following best practices in your software project, you have already separated your textual content/strings into separate language resource files. These files can be in various file formats, such as XLIFF, PO/POT, JSON, INI, XML, RESX, CSV... MotaWord enables seamless translation of all of the software file formats and supports various methods to localize your software project.

A straightforward method: upload files on motaword.com

Simply go to motaword.com, upload your localization files and purchase your translation. The rest can be monitored in your MotaWord dashboards.

Once we finish your translation project, you can download your translated files and put them in your software project.

A better method: Use motaword-cli

motaword-cli is the smoothest way to automatically localize your software projects. It synchronizes your language resources seamlessly and can be integrated into your CI/CD workflows.

motaword-cli can be used locally or in your CI/CD pipelines.

When using locally, your developers can decide when to synchronize your language resources with MotaWord. Before publishing an update for your software project, a developer can synchronize the language resources, get their translated versions right away in real-time and bundle with your update to your end users.

When using as part of your CI/CD pipeline, MotaWord automatically provides the latest translated language resources to your software. This removes any management overhead from your developers and creates a seamless file-based software localization workflow. Some of our customers are even using motaword-cli to test our their user interfaces before deploying to end users.

An advanced method: use MotaWord API

Should you need a custom integration to automate your file-based localization workflows, MotaWord's API is here for advanced integration. Take a deep dive into our API in the API reference page.

If you are looking to use MotaWord API for a deeper integration, we are always here to have a chat and guide you through it.