Introduction to Active

MotaWord Active (MW Active) is a comprehensive product suite designed to integrate effortlessly into your website with just a single line of code. It offers a powerful solution for real-time translation of your website into multiple languages, ensuring a seamless and efficient localization process.

Benefits of using MW Active include:

  1. Instant translation: MW Active automatically translates your webpage into selected languages, eliminating the need for any coding. No need to think about your text, images, videos, fonts, webpage layout.

  2. Simplified process: The use of MW Active removes the necessity for complex translation management systems, thereby simplifying the process of website translation.

  3. SEO compatibility: MW Active ensures your multilingual website is SEO-friendly.

  4. Automated content updates: Active will detect any new or updated content and instantly serve new translations with no manual management on your end.

  5. Language detection: Active can automatically serve in your visitor's preferred language.

  6. Cost-efficiency: MW Active eliminates the need for expensive translation projects, providing instant translation at a low monthly maintenance cost.

  7. Analytics: Understand your local customers and tailor experiences for them. MW Active does more than a simple translation of your website text: it gives you multilingual content, lots of customer insights and an ecosystem of tools to globalize your website and company.

Once set up, MW Active uses machine translation to automatically convert your website into selected languages, generating a translation memory - a repository of all your content along with their translations. This repository aids future translations.

MW Active stands on top of MotaWord's translation platform, enabling you all kinds of post-translation editing. As soon as Active begins translating your site, you can edit translations. This capability ensures error-free translations, a standard hard to meet with machine translation alone.

Additionally, MW Active enhances user accessibility by inserting a language selection option on the bottom left (or right) side of your website. This allows visitors to manually select their preferred language, should they wish to do so.